Thursday, November 11, 2010

Katy Perry: Style Icon

I wanna see your peacock. No Katy, I want to see your newest outfit. Katy not only has controversial music but takes daring risks when choosing her daily ensemble. I commend her for her bravery to step outside the box with her bright, edgy, fun clothing. I think her style is young and fresh but brings in enough sex appeal to keep people entertained. Basically, I heart it. Oodles. Let's follow Katy down her funky fashion path.

The Grammys-2009
Looking absolutely stunning in Basil Soda Katy Perry shines at The 2009 Grammys. The dimension of the dress and the color suits her fair skin perfectly. What I adore about this look is how sophisticated yet fun it is. Katy looks STUNNING. The big jewelry adds the sparkle to the dress but doesn't overdue it. Katy, you're a firework.

The MTV Music Awards-2010
Only Katy Perry can pull off a look like this. Katy cleverly shows off skin but keeps it classy with a decorative top. The bottom of her dress, white and poofy, gives the look a classic and sophisticated feel. It also brings in a element of fun. Katy knows how to accessorize. With shiny heels and a stripe of color in her hair her look becomes truly Katy.

Katy Perry- Rockin the Mod

Sticking to a more appropriate outfit, Katy still shines will doing daily activities. While perusing the streets she makes heads turn in her mod inspired ensemble. Her chic black bob and vintage sunglasses add the perfect touch to her croped jacket, bright t shirt, and black legging. Loving the bag Katy

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