Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Clog Makes a Comeback

Can it be? Clogs have come back and I'm loving it! While I hate the fact that heels kill my feet after an hour of use, the height is a major benefit. A way to get the height without the pain? Clogs! These babies are comfy and cute and will add the right amount of height, sass, and confidence. I've posted a few of my faves to give you an idea of where to start. Some clogs are made with a fabric material giving them a more casual feel. Others are made with an animal skin look making them edgy and sophisticated. Some are covered in jean and studs, my favorite for pairing with any outfit.
Big Buddha
While Big Buddha is currently my favorite handbag brand, I've seriously been loving their shoes! This clog has a high, dark, wood heel and black cover fabric. The fluff at the top gives the look a bit of uumph and comfort. These clogs deserve a standing ovation.

While these Ugg clogs are plain and simple, they get the job done. Adding a bit of height and sophistication to your look these classic black clogs are a necessity in any closet

Those are just two examples of some great clogs. Don't be afraid to search around and go all out with your clogs. The more the merrier!
Double the Chic, Double the Style
-Fashion On The Rockss

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Katy Perry: Style Icon

I wanna see your peacock. No Katy, I want to see your newest outfit. Katy not only has controversial music but takes daring risks when choosing her daily ensemble. I commend her for her bravery to step outside the box with her bright, edgy, fun clothing. I think her style is young and fresh but brings in enough sex appeal to keep people entertained. Basically, I heart it. Oodles. Let's follow Katy down her funky fashion path.

The Grammys-2009
Looking absolutely stunning in Basil Soda Katy Perry shines at The 2009 Grammys. The dimension of the dress and the color suits her fair skin perfectly. What I adore about this look is how sophisticated yet fun it is. Katy looks STUNNING. The big jewelry adds the sparkle to the dress but doesn't overdue it. Katy, you're a firework.

The MTV Music Awards-2010
Only Katy Perry can pull off a look like this. Katy cleverly shows off skin but keeps it classy with a decorative top. The bottom of her dress, white and poofy, gives the look a classic and sophisticated feel. It also brings in a element of fun. Katy knows how to accessorize. With shiny heels and a stripe of color in her hair her look becomes truly Katy.

Katy Perry- Rockin the Mod

Sticking to a more appropriate outfit, Katy still shines will doing daily activities. While perusing the streets she makes heads turn in her mod inspired ensemble. Her chic black bob and vintage sunglasses add the perfect touch to her croped jacket, bright t shirt, and black legging. Loving the bag Katy

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Babes Got Boots

Sexy can I? Suddenly with winter quickly approaching and fall coming to a close, my eyes have been even more drawn to boots. I myself just a purchased a pair yesterday. Rather than sticking to the common and boooring "UGG" boot, I went out of my comfort zone and prepared my closet to take a edgier look. I grabbed a pair of grey combat boots complete with zippers and buckles galore. Let's just say I'M IN LOVE. These edgy boots not only add a completely different feel to my look, but they are turning heads! I've gotten endless compliments on these rocker-chic boots and I'm loving the attention! While the combat style boots are my fave this month, if you're not ready to push the fashion envelope I'll show you a few other styles that will still demand attention.
1. Riding Boots

Riding boots are the definition of classy. Pair them with any legging, jean, or jegging and your look becomes much more sophisticated. What I love about riding boots is the versatility they hold. Check em out on celebs like Megan Fox and Miley Cyrus strut their stuff in these gorgeous riding boots.

2. Rain Boots
It definitely doesn't have to be raining to whip out these bad boys. Rain boots are a cute and fun way to add color into any drab wardrobe. My friends tease me for wearing mostly solid colors, but with rain boots I can add a bit of pop to push my look right over the edge. My favorite thing about rain boots is the variety of colors and patterns they come in. Also, the price is phenomenal! You can spend from $20 to $100 depending on your range and get the pair that's just right for you! My fave? Charlotte Russe. They have a fantastic selection with styles for all. Take a peak! (P.S- Links are at the bottom of the page!)

3. Ankle high

Looking for something thats cute yet sassy at the same time? THese little booties are the ones for you. Blowfish especially makes great ankle high boots. You can go edy with buckles and zippers or try a softer fabric look complete with a few stylish buttons. My favorite thing about these boots are how cute they look with a dress! If the temperature isn't too bad try pairing them with a cotton dress and cardigan. Youre look will rock!


4. Knee High and Fringe
Fringe adds a whole dimension to any outfit. The layered look it gives a boot makes an outfit more noticiable and memorable. Fringe is always in, every season. Buying these is a great investment considering they can be worn year round. My favorite look? Dark wash jeans, fringe boots, a plain long sleeved v neck, and patterned scarf. The simpleness of the look is stepped up with the dimension of the boots. Perfect!

So there you have it. Those are just a few of my favorite boots for the winter. Go and get em while you can! It's never to late to add a great pair of boots to any wardrobe.

Double the chic, Double the Style
-Fashion on the Rockss