Friday, March 18, 2011

Online Shopping, Beware?

After spending hours online shopping I've come to the conclusion that my view on it is split. While the convenience that it offers, and hours I spend online, the dangers of return policies, wrong sizes, and completely incorrect merchandise, sway my positive thinking. Since I'm split down the middle, I've decided to make a pros and cons list to offer some opposing views:

1. Convenience
--Online shopping is extremely convenient and easy to do anywhere you are. Whether your on a home computer, laptop, phone, or school computer (aka my English periods), online shopping is constantly lurking in every advertising email beckoning you to take a peak and spend some moolah. It's easy to pa rouse through the endless clothes and see many things you normally wouldn't. Online shopping helps display many items that are hard to find in stores or are out of stock in stores. Convenience? So easy.

2. Variety
--Again, the variety is key. I eyed so many things I wouldn't normally pick up when shopping. When I'm shopping I usually have my eye set on one thing and tend to ignore other options. Online shopping offers all merchandise and gives you a fresh approach.

3. Fun
--Let's get down to it, its fun! It's entertaining to create outfits online and to spend hours, days for me, checking out adorable outfits. A lot of websites create look books and that inspires fashion creations for my wardrobe.

1. Addictive
--The Internet is already extremely addictive and online shopping is just part of that horrible habit. It's easy to put down your homework and open an email containing an ad. Then, you click on that ad and click on the featured outfit, then the featured accessory, then the matching shoe, and the process repeats. Don't get dragged in.

2. Return Policies
--Many online stores have iffy return policies. Check to see if you can return the item in the store, how much time you have, and what you need to return it. They'll get you if you don't take precautions.

3. Merchandise
--I've had a few incidences where I didn't receive the correct merchandise or it took weeks to come. Check to see how long it will take and if you don't get the right item be sure to complain, you deserve great service!

So, overall I've offered you both sides to online shopping. Make your choice but be careful! Happy shopping!

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